Most men dream of having bulging biceps, broad shoulders, a masculine chest, and ripped abs, that look as if they were carved from granite.

Yes, I too had that dream a long time ago.

Unfortunately, for a lot people, muscle building is much like a jigsaw puzzle with a lot of missing pieces, so they eventually just give up, never getting to see the completed picture in all its glory.

I can still remember those days, of weighing just 147 pounds soaking wet, and being over six foot tall.

Just picture that for a moment! Yeah, genetics had definitely played a dirty trick on me, and the struggle was real when it came to gaining weight. It took years of trial and error to finally get on the right path to success.

It has now been over thirty years since I first walked into a gym and adopted living a healthy lifestyle, and the passion is still as strong as ever today.

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to help you solve this muscle building puzzle, by giving you five critical steps to follow that will put you on the right track to success. These steps are a must for anyone looking to add some serious size.

I am absolutely certain that if you’re willing to learn, and apply these techniques, and strategies, then you too will be steps ahead of most people trying to achieve the body of their dreams.


Step-1:  Set “laser focus” goals
First and foremost, having the right mind-set is an absolute must.
Now I’m not going to pretend that I had the right mind-set from the get go. In fact, it took me a while to develop the proper mind-set, but once I did, the benefits were many.

I truly feel that if I didn’t include “Proper mind-set” as a top priority, I would be doing you a disservice, because without it, you’ll never see your true potential.

Rule number one, always train with a goal in mind, and always put in 100% effort towards accomplish that goal. Visualize how you would look after achieving that goal.

Sit down and take a few minutes to write down exactly what you want to accomplish, and keep it as a constant reminder. Put it on your fridge, your desk, or on your bathroom mirror, or anywhere you see fit, to constantly remind you of what you’re trying to achieve.

Here are a few examples of ‘laser focused’ type goals…

  • ‘Increase body weight by ten pounds in the next two months’
  • ‘Increase my biceps by an inch in the next thirty days’
  • ‘Increase chest measurement by two inches in sixty days’

Noticed how each goal is very clear and specific? These types of goals setting makes you more accountable to yourself, because you have to accomplish a certain task within a given time period.

Just remember to be realistic about your goal setting. Don’t set goals that are too hard to achieve, because failure can be a motivation killer.


7 Tips to help you stay focused and motivated:

  • Plan your workouts well in advance
  • Zone out all negative distractions in the gym
  • A good training partner is a great way help motivate
  • Develop that mind-muscle connection, visualize the muscle growing with each and every rep you perform
  • Become passionate about your training
  • Reward yourself, once you’ve accomplished your goals.
  • Have faith in yourself